WCA Post Studio-Tigers and wild -IndianOcean Music-DI Colorist

In the heart of the Indian subcontinent, where the rhythm of nature intertwines with melodies of consciousness, a profound anthem emerges. Indian OceanMusic, in collaboration with Nature inFocus, presents ‘Baagh Aayore,’ a musical celebration of the tiger and the untamed expanses it calls home. This collaborative masterpiece not only encapsulates the majestic presence of the tiger but also delves into a deeper narrative — the interconnectedness of saving this charismatic species, the preservation of forests, and the life-giving force of water.

At the core of ‘Baagh Aayore’ lies the acknowledgment that the preservation of tigers extends beyond the charismatic fauna. It’s a commitment to safeguarding the intricate web of life that relies on the balance of ecosystems. The song beautifully highlights the cascading effect of tiger conservation — saving the tiger protects the forests, and in turn, safeguards the water, the life-giving force that sustains us all.

Adding another layer of brilliance to this musical journey is the meticulous DI color grading done by Wisdom Post Studio. Every frame is a canvas, and with precision and artistry, Wisdom Post Studio has enhanced the visual narrative of ‘Baagh Aayore.’ The colors come alive, mirroring the vibrancy of nature and underscoring the importance of preserving these landscapes,The magic of the captivating music video by @indianoceanmusic, commemorating 50 years of Project Tiger, is further illuminated by the exceptional DI color grading expertise of our dedicated team at Da Vinci Resolve. As colorists, we take immense pride and gratitude in contributing to this poignant celebration. Every frame has been meticulously crafted, breathing life into the visuals and enhancing the narrative’s emotional depth. The collaboration with Indian Ocean Music on this milestone project has been an honor, and we are thrilled to play a part in bringing their vision to life. Our team stands united in admiration for Project Tiger’s five-decade legacy, and through our craft, we aim to amplify the message of conservation and appreciation for India’s rich wildlife heritage. Cheers to 50 years, Project Tiger, and to many more vibrant collaborations with Indian Ocean Music!